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Versace Eros EDT (M)

  • $109.00

Eros by Versace is a fragrance that embodies strength and passion, designed specifically for men. It is a captivating scent that combines a variety of notes to create an enticing olfactory experience.

The composition of Eros opens with invigorating top notes of mint, lemon, and green apple. These fresh and citrusy notes provide a vibrant and energetic introduction to the fragrance. As the scent develops, the heart notes emerge, featuring the warm and aromatic tonka bean, along with the captivating ambroxan and geranium. These notes add depth and complexity to the composition.

In the base, Eros reveals a rich and sensuous blend. The alluring combination of vanilla and vetiver provides a sweet and earthy quality, while the presence of oak moss and cedar adds a touch of woodiness and masculinity.

Eros by Versace is a fragrance that exudes confidence and allure. Its fusion of mint, citrus, aromatic, and woody notes creates a dynamic and passionate scent that is sure to make a statement. Whether worn for a special occasion or as a signature scent, Eros embodies the essence of strength and passion in a truly captivating way.