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6 tips and tricks you should know about perfume!

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What perfume you wear says a lot about you. Some scents are often linked to emotions and moods and can be nostalgic to certain memory or special event. Here are 8 tips and tricks that will help you choose your daily scent! 

Steer clear of using any lotion that is scented to clash with your perfume. Its best to layer your fragrance with the same roll on and perfume. If you have a scented lotion that matches with your perfume, even better as layering this will add to the longevity of your perfume. 

I can't smell my perfume anymore?
Fragrance fatigue is your body's natural desensitization to the same smells over time. When you are used to the same smell it takes time for your sensitivity to that odor to return. You can avoid fragrance fatigue by alternating between two or more of your favourite scents. 

You are unique! 
You could be wearing the exact same perfume as the person next to you but smell differently. This is because everyone has different skin chemistry and PH levels.  

Know your notes
Scent is defined as having top notes, base notes and heart notes. When sprayed the fragrance notes are released starting with the top notes, then heart notes, finishing with base notes. 

More often than not the top notes are more delicate and do not last as long as heart and base notes. Heart notes could be a spice, herbal or floral notes. You are usually able to smell the base notes the longest - common base notes include amber, musk or wood notes.

Do not overload! 
When purchasing perfumes it is best to smell fresh coffee beans between smelling 2-3 perfumes as it is the best way to reset your nose. This will also avoid nose fatigue and will help you to differentiate between the different scents.

Body heat activation
Perfumes last longer when it is applied to your pulse points. Pulse points include your neck, behind your ear and the inside of your wrists. Pro tip: do not rub your wrists together as this damages the molecules of the perfume and changes the smell of the fragrance.

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