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Calvin Klein Defy EDT (M)

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Explore Calvin Klein Defy EDT (M), an Invigorating Men's Fragrance

Experience the boldness and spirit of adventure with Calvin Klein Defy EDT (M), a distinctive Calvin Klein perfume for men. This Woody Aromatic fragrance was launched in 2021, the result of an artistic collaboration between renowned perfumers Anne Flipo, Pascal Gaurin, and Loc Dong. It exemplifies masculine elegance and daring attitude.

An Ensemble of Refreshing and Woody Notes

The olfactory journey begins with a refreshing burst of Bergamot and Lavender as top notes. This vibrant combination provides an energizing and uplifting start, setting a compelling tone for the fragrance.

As the initial zest subsides, the scent moves towards the heart with the singular middle note of Vetiver. This grounding and earthy aroma adds a sense of mystery and depth to the fragrance, creating a unique olfactory experience.

Finally, the base note of Amber provides a warm and rich finish. It adds a touch of sensuality and long-lasting charm, ensuring the fragrance leaves an irresistible and memorable trail.

Defy Expectations with Calvin Klein Perfume

Calvin Klein Defy EDT (M) is not just a fragrance—it's a bold statement. Challenge the norms, embrace the adventure, and dare to defy with this invigorating Calvin Klein perfume.

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