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Coach Blue EDT (M)

Coach Blue EDT (M)

  • $89.00

Coach Blue captures the exhilarating anticipation of a journey about to begin, drawing inspiration from the boundless freedom and optimism of a road trip.

Invigorating and aromatic, this fragrance unveils an energizing cocktail that bursts forth with zesty lime and the distinctive allure of absinthe oil. These top notes are further amplified by a fresh ozonic accord, evoking the invigorating breeze of open landscapes. The marine notes add a splash of aquatic essence, and the entire composition is textured with the fiery spark of spicy black pepper.

The heart of Coach Blue carries the airy notes of the sea, with the inclusion of ozonic accords, perfectly balanced by the assertive presence of black pepper, lending depth and complexity.

The base notes of vibrant cedarwood and the richness of intense amber create a masculine signature that embodies strength and confidence. This final flourish leaves a magnetic sensuality that lingers, making an unforgettable impression.

The Coach Blue bottle's lacquering elegantly transitions from a deep and intense blue to a lighter, fresher shade. This design mirrors the dynamic journey of the fragrance, capturing the transition from the unknown to the exciting.

The bottle also pays homage to Coach's iconic elements. The turnlock spray cap, the faux-leather hangtag, and the Horse & Carriage logo engraving all serve as nods to the brand's heritage, blending timeless sophistication with modern allure.

"Unleash your spirit of adventure with Coach Blue. It's a fragrance that embodies the essence of exploration and optimism, ready to take on new horizons," invites the essence of Coach.

Note Composition:

  • Top notes: Lime and Absinthe
  • Middle notes: Ozonic notes and Black Pepper
  • Base notes: Cedar and Amber